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Project Lifting Device for Dismantling Nuclear Power Plant

Our current project "Lifting Device for Dismantling Nuclear Power Plant" includes developing a technical solution for handling radioactive leavings from nucelar fuel rods and other contaminated reactor components.

The project is co- financed by the european EFRE found.








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Turn over machine for plates

Machine for 180 degree turning of heavy plates up to 30t



Vacuumchambers for Electrobeam Welding Machines

Vacuumchamber, equipped with transport devices and auxiliary gear




Steelworks and rolling mill technology

Finishing linesTransport devicesManipulators





Mechanical auxiliaries 
Dressing and straightening lines
Tilting devices



Vacuum chamber for Hahn-Meitner Institute (HMI) Berlin





Equipment for Electrobeam Welding Machines

Vacuum chambers for large scale Electrobeam Welding MachinesHandling equipment, appliancesAuxiliary equipment